Lettre du CoReP aux HWRS, 5 janvier 2014 (English)

Permanent Revolution Collective


Date: January 5, 2014

Dear comrades,

Forgive our delay in responding your 25th October letter.

We do appreciate the convergence on Syria, which confirms the possibility of a grouping that we have proposed for several years.

In our opinion, the best way forward is to meet and to publish common statements.

  1. We propose that the American group prepares a draft on Syria (or North Africa and West Asia). The Collective will submit to HWRS all its draft statements.
  2. We welcome the prospect of a delegation of the HWRS in Europe. For that purpose, we will try to match your presence with the GMI conference in late spring 2014. The Collective will then send a delegation to the United States.
  3. We submit, for your consideration, the CoReP balance sheet on the 4th International and the GMI platform.
  4. We propose that all the texts of the discussion (if not too long) be translated and communicated to all the members of the 4 groups.

Communist internationalist greetings

Bureau of the CoReP