Lettre du CoReP au LCC, 30 novembre 2015 (English)

Letter to LCC, 30 November 2015

Dear comrades,

Thanks for your letter. We try to answer in English, even if it is not the native tongue of any of the members of the Bureau.

In spite of an unfortunate experience with CWG / NZ leadership (helping to destroy LM / Peru and PO / Bolvia on behalf of the caudillo Munzer) and with the HWRS (helping to calumniate the former GB / France on behalf of the same Munzer), we tried to open discussions with the former HWRS / USA from 2010 to 2012 and with the two splinters of the former HWRS en 2012.

Three years later, you made a straight self-critique about “the idea that you have taken a national chauvinist position on the general strikes in Martinique and Guadalupe”. Whatever the balance sheet of the former GB on the general strike in French-speaking Antilles, it was not CoReP’s position.

Better later than never. You have sent us several articles (the whole issue of Class Warrior #9) and suggested to reprint each other’s press articles.

We agree with the exchange of articles. While showing a real convergence, the LCC journal is full of many tactical or conjuncture considerations. For instance, there is a long article about the electoral tactics in Greece. Such a topic would not be a good start to make the Communists of the world closer. Remember there was not a word of bourgeois elections in the Manifesto and Platform of 1919 of the Communist International, nor in the Program of 1938 and the Manifesto of 1940 of the 4th International.

To gather internationalist and revolutionary at international scale, we need international agreement not on all tactical questions −like the vote for a workers bourgeois party without any illusion for its program or politics, either in France or Greece− but on the main international problems the world working class has to solve and on the strategy it needs. (CoReP, Letter to HWRS-US and CWG-US, 29 July 2012)

Let’s try to reach a political agreement through:

the adoption of common assessments on climate, crisis, new imperialist powers, Palestine and Israel, Middle East, Islamism, Stalinism and social-democracy, death and legacy of the FI… (1);

a face-to-face meeting (2).

1. We are now writing a draft on Middle East and a draft of international platform, and we are ready to study your own drafts on the main problems of the world class struggle.

2. As the GMI invites the LCC to its next Conference in Paris (26 and 27 March 2016), perhaps we may have an encounter on this occasion, the 25 March?

Comradely, Bureau of the CoReP