Lettre des HWRS au CoReP, 3 octobre 2013 (English)

After reading your position on Syria we think that we have a similar position to yours. This is very important because a revolutionary method in regard to Syria is today an acid test for the revolutionary method. It clearly divides the left into two opposing camps: The revolutionary Marxists who fight for the independent mobilizations of the workers and the oppressed against Assad and the reactionary Islamic forces in Syria versus the opportunistic left that tails the Islamists and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) that have become a puppet for US imperialism.

We need to explore seriously whether our groups have principled agreements in regard to the International revolutionary program and method. From what we know the most serious difference between CoReP and HWRS is about critical support for social democracy. But this difference is primary historical and tactical and it does not have to be an obstacle for closer fraternal relations between us.

We propose that we start systematic discussions between us. Perhaps we can establish an international Bulletin for this purpose. In such an international Bulletin we could explore our method and positions on key international issues, and whether there are agreements for closer fraternal relations between the groups.