Lettre des HWRS au CoReP, 23 octobre 2013 (English)

Dear comrades,

We received your letter. So far, I have read only a machine translation of the letter, so we will send you detail comments after we will read a proper translation of the letter.

We are encouraged from what we read. We completely agree that it was necessary to support the initial rebellion in Syria against Assad, as well as the masses’ uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. We contend, of course, that the nature of the civil war in Syria was changed from being a rebellion of masses into a reactionary civil war. I wrote an article about why the opportunists from the Trotskyist movement support the Free Syrian Army and the Islamists (see below, and also see the attachment of the article). The article directed most of the criticism against the RCIT, that seems to lead the opportunist line on Syria.

In regard to critical support to Social Democracy, we do not hold the position that it is never correct to critically support Social Democracy, but that in most cases today it is incorrect to give Social Democracy critical support because the nature of the Social Democratic Parties have changed. Most Social Democratic parties do not hold the old contradictions of the Social Democratic parties that exist in most of the 20th century. For detail explanation, please read it on http://www.humanistsforrevolutionarysocialism.org/Current_Articles/Critical_Support.htm

We think that an international discussion bulletin is a good idea. Let us know if you still hold the Marxist education in Paris. We could possibly send a young comrade early next year. I, personally, be able to come for discussions in the spring.


Dov, for HWRS