LCC declaration to the GMI Conference

Date: March 29, 2016

Copy to: CWG / New Zealand, CWG / USA, GKK / Austria, GMI / France, MaS / Russia, RMG / Zimbabwe, RP / Peru, TML / Brazil …

Subject: LCC declaration to the GMI Conference


The Bureau of the Permanent Revolution Collective greeted in Paris the 25 of March two delegates from the Liaison Committee of Communists, Sheila Correa and Christopher Clark. We began political discussion in a fraternal atmosphere, interrupted for personal convenience by comrade Clark at dinnertime.

The 26 of March, comrade Clarke made a declaration on behalf of the LCC. He told the GMI Conference:
CoRePs is part of the imperialist left.

In Communist terms, it means that CoReP is social-imperialist.

Of course, there can be slips of the tongue, lack of understanding -especially with the use of different languages- and personal errors. So the Bureau of the CoReP meted patiently three times comrades Correa and Clark to ask them to state clearly that the CoReP is not social-imperialist. They never accepted to do it.
The Collective cannot discuss with an organization that put us in the camp of imperialism.

We ask the groups affiliated to the LCC or -still better- the LCC as such to withdraw from LCC declaration the characterization of CoReP as “imperialist left” (that is to say: social-imperialist) and to allow the return of political discussion about common tasks and adoption of a joint Communist international Platform.
With internationalist greetings,

CoReP Bureau